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  • I have this weekend left with the La Sardina. Help me keep it foreverrrr! :D

    Captain, Oh Captain

    nikipaniki.com 10 Oct '11, 4pm

    Did you like it? I’m quite happy with what and how the photos turned out. Never really had a chance to try X-Pro film and I’m beginning to see why it’s a staple with lomographers. Sadly, I would have to do the experimenting in the not-so-distant future as I am going to part with the L...

  • Denis Karagodin on this week's #whywelomo. All the way from Russia!

    Why We Lomo: Denis Karagodin

    nikipaniki.com 18 Oct '11, 3am

    Denis Karagodin , Tomsk, Russia Favorite Lomo Cameras: Holga maybe. All cameras with wide angle lenses. And I love my main GDR’s film camera PRAKTICA L (Carl Zeiss Jena DDR Flektogon 2.8/35). Favorite effect produced by Lomo cameras: vignettes, wide angle lines & filmdust! Favorite fi...

  • Check this out! - "Why We Lomo" - [awesomesther] is featured!

    Why We Lomo: Esther Lee

    nikipaniki.com 03 Jan '12, 6am

    Favorite Lomo Cameras: Diana F+ CMYK – this is my first Lomo camera and still a favorite after more than a year. I also have a bunch of other cameras like the Lubitel 166B, Fuji Natura Classica, Vivitar UWS, even a DIY Gakkenflex TLR but the Diana F+ CMYK remains a firm favorite! Favo...

  • Why We #Lomo: #Gavin #Thomas: @gavinthomasphoto <3 #lomography @lomography

    Why We Lomo: Gavin Thomas

    nikipaniki.com 21 Mar '12, 2am

    Favorite Lomo Cameras: LC-A+ and Holga Favorite effect produced by Lomo cameras: Double exposures Favorite film to use: Kodak Elitechrome 100 EBX, Agfa CT Precisa, Kodak Portra Favorite photos taken with a Lomo camera How long have you been doing Lomography? I started Lomography back ...

  • Singapore Fashion Film Festival 2011

    nikipaniki.com 21 Sep '11, 1am

    If you thought all the fashion events are over, think again. This one’s for the fashion and film buffs alike. If you’re both, even better! Singapore Fashion Film Festival 1 October to 7 November 2011 Venue/Location: Sinema Old School, 11B Mount Sophia, Singapore 22846 Alliance Françai...

  • Something’s Fishy: La Sardina

    nikipaniki.com 19 Sep '11, 3am

    Aside from being loaned the La Sardina for almost a month, there’s an LC-A+ and, of course, a La Sardina up for grabs. While I’m going to try and do my best in this, I’m quite happy just taking part in it. God knows I’m up against 19 bright and creative individuals and I can hardly wa...

  • Free Hugs This Way

    nikipaniki.com 07 Sep '11, 5am

    Aside from the ice cream, being a Ben & Jerry’s Moolet, has its perks. Of course I’m not the type to keep it all for myself. Want free hugs? Read on. Ben & Jerry’s is proud to present a a brand-new range of limited edition iPhone 4 jackets (aka phone hugs). Click thumbnails to enlarge...

  • Books & Other Things — nikipaniki.com

    nikipaniki.com 19 Aug '11, 9am

    After seeing how much stuff I’ve acquired over the years, I think it’s time to pass them on. Some of my beloved books and other items are going on sale at Public Garden flea market tomorrow, August 20 from 1-7pm at Old School, 11B Mount Sophia, Basement 2, The Hall. See you there!


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