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  • New post: Fund raising: The Children's Charities Association of Sg Donation Draw 2012. Pls to spread the word. Thx!

    Donation Draw 2012

    nicole.sg 15 Apr '12, 3am

    As most of you have known by now, I’m now working at a VWO (Voluntary Welfare Organization)… and yes, the image above shows the donation draw for this year! A ticket cost $2.00 and entitles you to a lucky draw. You can see that most of the prizes are donated by generous sponsor, and t...

  • my musings again

    nicole.sg 10 Sep '11, 12pm

    First time for everything I suppose. Kinda relishing the experience and the sense of satisfaction that comes along with it. Suffice to say, I still have doubts about myself but they are slowly fading away. Somehow I know I can do it, its a matter of when and how. I just came back from...

  • The Gal – Nicole » Blog Archive » Career Switch

    nicole.sg 27 Aug '11, 1pm

    A career switch isn’t an easy decision to make, and there are always room to ponder all the “what-ifs”. Then again, if one doesn’t take the risk and head into the unknown, one will never know if the switch is a hit or a miss. Yes, like many others, I too, decided to leave the IT indus...

  • Firework

    nicole.sg 31 Aug '11, 2am

    Okay, enough of wordy posts from me… 3 posts in a row, and I think your eyes must be feeling tired. So allow me to share with you one of my favourite Youtube videos – Firework by Katy Perry. This video struck a chord with me, and I totally enjoyed her vocals… It also served as a sourc...

  • MBP

    nicole.sg 12 Sep '11, 1pm

    Author: Nicole | Category: my life And so I’ve gotten a Mac Book Pro, effectively moving to the dark side, as how some would put it. I never thought I would be able to own it someday, but this was totally made possible thanks to a partial sponsorship from the bf. Its really really nic...

  • The Gal – Nicole » Blog Archive » Beyond 25

    nicole.sg 26 Aug '11, 4pm

    Turning 26 has gotta both be a blessing as well as a dread. I’m kidding. For it’s been a long while since the familiar feeling of happiness has gotten back into my life. I’m glad to say things have turned for the better, and I am sometimes truly pinching myself, wondering if this is a...

  • Back and Swamped

    nicole.sg 05 Sep '11, 6am

    Just came back from Bintan since Saturday, and things have been in full swing since. Covered a work related event, and went trigger happy photographing the kids. Of course, I did enjoy myself very much in Bintan, and I can’t wait to share photos with everyone. Excuse me while I attack...

  • The Gal – Nicole » Blog Archive » Review: AC Ryan PlayOn! HD2

    The Gal – Nicole » Blog Archive » Review: AC Ryan PlayOn! HD2

    nicole.sg 18 Aug '11, 4am

    I rarely watch TV, and even if I did, its mostly reality shows and documentaries. The TV in my home gets utilized the most by my Mum, at least for most of the time. Lately, there were moments where I got glued to the TV, thanks to the AC Ryan PlayOn! HD2 media player. Shall not bore y...