• NTU Singapore turns to Alibaba on Artificial Intelligence

    NTU Singapore turns to Alibaba on Artificial Intelligence

    govinsider.asia 23 Aug '18, 4am

    To pursue his education, Mumbai-born Professor Subra Suresh travelled to the US with less than $100 in his pocket, toting a half-filled suitcase. His story is one of the power of education, a value instilled in him by his mother from an early age, he notes. Suresh rose to become the f...

  • Inside Singapore's insurtech revolution - GovInsider

    Inside Singapore’s insurtech revolution |

    govinsider.asia 02 Apr '18, 3am

    The insurance industry has been impervious to change for many years – but all that is different now with the digital revolution. Insurtech is a growing force around the world, with startups in the space receiving $2.3 billion worth of funding in 2017. But while three in four insurance...

  • Inside Singapore’s museum without walls https://t.co/PYHgOfgEUC

    Inside Singapore’s museum without walls |

    govinsider.asia 20 Jun '18, 7am

    “Art, in fact, has always been disrupting itself,” says Chong Siak Ching, CEO of the National Gallery of Singapore. But digital technology has accelerated this trend. “Without question, the way culture is consumed today has changed,” Chong adds. Art is now created digitally, or exists...

  • Why did Singapore's patents office just launch a $1bn innovation fund? - GovInsider

    Why did Singapore’s patents office just launch a $1bn innovation fund? |

    govinsider.asia 05 May '17, 5am

    Singapore’s intellectual property (IP) agency recently launched a S$1 billion innovation fund. Why in the world is a patents office launching an innovation fund? It has a lot to do with Singapore’s need to constantly push its economy to stay ahead of other nations. The Committee on th...

  • [One to watch] Singapore gov't chatbot lets you contact any civil servant

    Government chatbot lets you contact any civil servant

    govinsider.asia 02 Mar '17, 7am

    Singapore Government has released a chatbot on Facebook Messenger that lets members of the public find contact details for any civil servant. The bot takes the Civil Service Directory, which is already published online, and combines it with other data sources including government pres...

  • Big news in SG: Putucheary appointed GovTech minister, agency moves to Prime Minister's Office.

    appoints Puthucheary as GovTech Minister, Agency moves to Prime Minister's Office

    govinsider.asia 20 Mar '17, 6am

    Dr Janil Puthucheary has been appointed as Singapore’s Minister in charge of GovTech, it has been announced today. Singapore’s GovTech Agency will report into the Prime Minister’s Office, and forms part of a broader Smart Nation and Digital Government Office. This is a wider technolog...

  • via @GovInsider

    Singapore adopts South Australia's inclusive approach

    govinsider.asia 17 Oct '17, 4am

    Singapore has adopted a new approach to include citizens in policymaking, learning from a successful South Australian scheme. The Ministry of Health and the Institute of Policy Studies are running a ‘Citizens’ Jury’ that will ask ordinary citizens to debate solutions and give their ve...

  • Entire Singapore Public Service to use Facebook for Work in 2017 - Peter Ong

    govinsider.asia 10 Nov '16, 3am

    The Singapore Government has become the first civil service in the world to adopt Facebook Workplace, the professional version of the social network. “We launched Workplace in October, and as part of phase one, 15 agencies and more than 5,300 public officers are now digitally connecte...