31 Dec '12, 8am

New blog post: Auld Lang Syne

It has become a tradition for me to spend the last day of the year looking back at what I’ve done and blog about my thoughts for the year. And it has been a long year. In fact, 2012 is the longest year we will ever get. We have a leap day on 29 Feb and a leap second on 1 July. That’s 1 day and 1 second longer than an ordinary year. Haha. But before I blog about my thoughts for the year, let me just say what am I doing now. I’m currently at the new Cineleisure Starbucks. I didn’t expect it to rain. So now I’m stuck at the Starbucks which is outdoor and there is no shelter to Cineleisure. Good job DK! Well, at least I have a cup of Toffeenut Latte and a powerpoint in case my trusty MacBook Pro goes low battery. I think I can even stay here till New Year Countdown. (Oh wait, I can’t. There’s no toilet here!!!) Anyway, 2012 has been an amazing year at work. The foundation we l...

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