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My Drawdown Decumulation Plan in Early Retirement: We’ve been talking a lot in our community on the accumulation… https://t.co/W4tRAkq75c

We’ve been talking a lot in our community on the accumulation phase throughout our working life, either by choosing the right investment product or getting the right insurance protection but there is hardly a discussion on the decumulation phase. The two are linked because our life is finite in nature, thus there is a need to determine how much we need for the expenses and start working backwards how much we should be accumulating in the earlier phase of life. These plans will differ from each household to another, depending on the traction of how much you need, how long you live, how much you can earn and how much you are comfortable with. Goals and plans are also a moving target, so it is common that they will change from time to time, though unlikely to be drastic if you think through and plan properly.

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my latest article in @RoastMagazine

my latest article in @RoastMagazine

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