30 May '17, 1pm

Neighbour spotted local actor Romeo Tan going to Elvin Ng’s house almost everyday https://t.co/Uyq0kxvFN5

When the reader who tipped Lianhe Zaobao off was approached, she defended herself saying, “As popular artistes, it is inevitable that their [both Elvin Ng and Romeo Tan] every action is being watched. When the sighting of Romeo Tan entering and leaving Elvin Ng’s residence happens almost everyday – and we [neighbours] witness this in a public space, it doesn’t count as violating one’s privacy.”

Full article: https://alvinology.com/2017/05/30/neighbour-spotted-local...


#LeeSeungGi spotted in #military #uniform

#LeeSeungGi spotted in #military #uniform

kpopherald.koreaherald.com 31 May '17, 8am

A photo of Lee Seung-gi, who is currently serving his military service, was recently released to the public through an onl...