(SgNA)Singaporean school’s closure in Ho Chi Minh City opens a can of worms

Lan Huong had great hopes of landing a decent job after getting an international certificate in business administration. She willingly paid the high fees demanded by a Singaporean school in Ho Chi Minh City because it would be well worth it in the end, she said. In fact, she had passed the university entrance exam and earned a much coveted seat at a public university, but she said an international course would offer greater value. Two weeks after her classes began at the Melior Business School, she came to her class as usual on November 12 only to find it closed.

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Singapore City

groupon.sg 03 Dec '12, 12am
Where in #Singapore is this? Can anyone guess?

Where in #Singapore is this? Can anyone guess?

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Things to do in #Singapore including #restaurants #food #clubs #bars #movies #attractions #landmarks #art #people #spas #k...