31 Oct '12, 10am

@Timulant @tofurobotx @saihoo

@Timulant @tofurobotx @saihoo

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Full article: http://jayleif.com/2012/10/30/legoland/


Legoland!!! via @beautifulnara

Legoland!!! via @beautifulnara

beautifulnara.com 22 Oct '12, 6am

Pertama kali Abang Nara mendengar cerita tentang taman tema Legoland akan dibuka di Malaysia, diri ini terasa excited tak ...

“Ruby 2.0 on Rails // Speaker Deck”

speakerdeck.com 01 Nov '12, 10pm

Description Slides for RubyConf 2012 talk "Ruby 2.0 on Rails" http://rubyconf.org/ Other Presentations by this Speaker Rai...

#iPhoneOnly photoshoot with @hellvenchua @Josiahchua @GigiSng

#iPhoneOnly photoshoot with @hellvenchua @Josia...

jayleif.com 28 Oct '12, 3pm

Earlier this year, Nick Knight ditched his trusty gear and did a fashion shoot entirely on an iPhone. The photos did not l...

How many ex-CEOs does it take for NXP 2.0? CEO ...

eetimes.com 26 Oct '12, 5pm

NEW YORK – Rick Clemmer, who took the reins as CEO of debt-ridden NXP Semiconductors nearly four years ago, expects to com...