28 Oct '12, 9am

Medishield Enhancements

Medishield Enhancements

the ministry of health has announced enhancements to the medishield scheme effective from March 01, 2013 and these include: a. annual and lifetime limits will be increased from $50,000 and $200,000 to $70,000 and $300,000 respecticely; b. maximum age of coverage will go up to age 90 from age 85 currently; c. the maximum entry age of 75 will be removed; d. coverage will also be extended to inpatient psychiatric treatment at $100 per day but capped up to 35 days per year; and cover short-stay wards in Emergency Departments; on the flip side, class B2/C deductibles will go up by $500 for those aged 80 and below and premiums will be raised between $17 and $251 yearly. To help with the higher premiums charged, our government will be giving a one-off top-up to medisave of between $50 and $400 for those on medishield. At the same time, the medisave … Read the full article → If yo...

Full article: http://thefinance.sg/2012/10/28/medishield-enhancements/


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