29 May '16, 9am

An Escape to Suzhou and Wuxi With Tigerair bangkok

An Escape to Suzhou and Wuxi With Tigerair bangkok

The Lion Grove Garden is known for its classically styled garden resembling what one would find in the Forbidden City. The garden is mainly made of a labyrinth of limestone rocks from Tai Hu Lake. These limestone rocks create a pathway from one end of the garden to another, and visitors climb on them to explore the peaks and valleys of the limestone makeup. We understood why this is labeled as one of the ‘fun’ gardens to explore, as we got lost amongst the rocks and it took quite a bit of navigation to find our way out of the rock maze. Do be careful when you climb up the rocks as they can get pretty slippery.

Full article: http://www.passportchop.com/asia/tigerair-suzhou-wuxi/


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