30 May '11, 11am

Blog update What's in my closet: Capes.

Blog update What's in my closet: Capes.

The cape on the left is by m)phosis (which I got on sale!), and the somewhat sturdier material would make it just nice for chillier weather in spring or autumn. I can’t wait to layer it over my outfits the next chance I leave this tropical hellhole. The cape-blazer (Blape? Clazer?) from the Scarletroom on the other hand is really lightweight and probably won’t keep the chills out. It is still a great layering piece, though! I like that it deviates from the usual cardigans and blazers in my closet, and it looks smart without being too prim.

Full article: http://www.monoxious.com/whats-in-my-closet-capes/


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