PAP compared to a mega church

George Yeo figuratively described the PAP as a broad church. Now you can understand why the ‘pastor’ called on the sinners to repent, and why the believers shouted, ‘In George we trust!’. This new religion can be appropriately called Papism, or shall it be called Papianity? It is a big church in all counts, and very powerful with hundreds of thousands of staunch believers. It can and has blessed many people to richness and a good life. It serves the people and works for the good of the people. It has its own belief system and commandments of course. It also has a jealous god. It does not take it kindly on believers of other gods. It cannot tolerate the existence of other gods. And of course it is a white god and all its angels are in white. Not forgetting the church elders elevating themselves to higher mortals. In its early days there were persecutions of the non believer...

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Even Resident Committee is run by PAP #sgpolitics

Even Resident Committee is run by PAP #sgpolitics

RCs are PAP. My flat overlooks the community centre. I can see that, whenever the minister is in, the "car park" ( a multi...