29 Feb '16, 8am

"Selia" by @zemotion

Amazing model and amazing photo! I really like how the parasol drops out of focus, it makes her look even more intense. You do really beautiful work!

Full article: http://zemotion.deviantart.com/art/Selia-105308936


"of the Night." by @zemotion

zemotion.deviantart.com 29 Feb '16, 7am

How do I obtain copyright for one of your images? Can you please email me? azureboone at g mail dot com I'm wanting one of...

"Behind the Mask" by @zemotion

zemotion.deviantart.com 29 Feb '16, 7am

This Has To Be One Of My Most Favorite By You :3 I Myself Look At This And See Beauty. Also, I Love The Way The Shadow Fro...