30 Jan '16, 5pm

What defines the boundary?: As legendary hedge fund manager Ray Dalio told Tony Robbins: “It’s almost certain that… https://t.co/EWejPKOK9q

As legendary hedge fund manager Ray Dalio told Tony Robbins : “It’s almost certain that whatever you’re going to put your money in, there will come a day when you will lose 50 percent to 70 percent.” It pays to remember that if you lose 50%, you need a subsequent 100% return to get back to where you started. That math is tough. Truth be told I haven’t been investing much in shares these days. To some, I could be missing a great opportunity to be picking up stocks on the cheap. Kind of remind me of those people rushing to buy stuffs at Robinsons (Orchard) over the weekend (as there is a Sales). Having seen the days when I have ‘lost’ much more (percentage wise), I have never really been able to call the exact bottom of any market crashes. How low is low? Yes, these couple of …

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