24 Aug '12, 3am

Relaxed pastels and denims were spotted on many a shopper at the second installment of @ilovehellodeer's Souk Ramadhan

Our style scout made another appearance at the second Souk Ramadhan bazaar weekend (click here for the last Souk Ramadhan post) and found dressy shopaholics amidst the swarming bazaar! May them inspire you as you continue on your open houses. Hope all of you have been having a blessed Hari Raya so far.

Full article: http://www.tonguechic.com/style-snaps/where-wear-souk-ram...


Blog updated: Weekend snooze

Blog updated: Weekend snooze

hanzbr.blogspot.com 26 Aug '12, 11am

This is how my weekends should be spent, but alas I end up in front of the laptop working or even finding things to 'inspi...