30 Sep '15, 4pm

Belvoir Fruit Farms – where summer is put inside bottles

They taste as good as they look! Made with sparkling spring water, elderberry juice, elderflowers and rose extract, and sweetened with organic sugar, this drink was elegantly floral with a crisp finish. Unlike artificially sweetened beverages, there was no lingering sticky aftertaste in the mouth. It was, for lack of a more appropriate and less abused word, refreshing – it actually quenched my thirst without making me lose appetite for lunch. Belvoir Fruit Farms products are free of artificial flavouring and colouring.

Full article: http://alvinology.com/2015/10/01/belvoir-fruit-farms/


Google Heineken Bottles

Google Heineken Bottles

seroundtable.com 28 Sep '15, 12pm

Google Nederland shared on Twitter a picture of a package they received from the folks over at Heineken. Yea, custom Googl...