UK threatens to stage and assault on Ecuador's embassy to forcibly remove Wikileak's Julian Assange:

The concerted and orchestrated campaign to capture Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and ultimately to hand him over to the tender mercies of a kangaroo court in the US, where he would likely be tried for spying and other possibly capital offenses, continues as Britain threatens the Ecuadoran Embassy with a police assault in a move that would effectively demolish diplomatic protections everywhere. According to the newspaper the Australian, a News Corp. property and Australian flagship of media baron Rupert Murdoch, Ecuador’s Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino says he and the Ecuadoran ambassador received a written message yesterday from the British Foreign Office warning that Britain might send police to “assault” the country’s embassy and forcibly remove Assange so as to hand him over to Sweden to face questioning on several controversial sexual assault claims made by women t...

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.@khrafnsson urges Swedish guarantee against #Assange US extradition: "good basis to negotiate way to end this matter."

[email protected] urges Swedish guarantee against #A... 19 Aug '12, 10am

LONDON (AFP) - WikiLeaks on Sunday urged Sweden, which wants to question its website's founder Julian Assange over alleged...