10 Aug '12, 3am

[NEW POST] Leban HK cafe @ Jalan Leban

[NEW POST] Leban HK cafe @ Jalan Leban

Bite size pieces of French toasts golden on the outside and smeared with peanut butter on the inside. They could have been more generous with the PB like how it had been with that hill of vanilla ice cream. Leban HK cafe closes at 2am which is great for youngsters who love to stay out late and ‘chil-lax’ (chill & relax). With most of the appetisers, mains and desserts costing below $10, you would be spoilt for choice.

Full article: http://aimakan.wordpress.com/2012/08/10/leban-hk-cafe-jal...


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ladyironchef.com 10 Aug '12, 12am

It is not my practice to write about new restaurants/cafes immediately after their opening; I have a policy of a three mon...


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Have your tea shaken, not stirred because it’s cool like that. Who wants olives when we have chewy tapioca balls? Artease ...

[NEW POST] Irvin's Seafood @ Jalan Leban

[NEW POST] Irvin's Seafood @ Jalan Leban

aimakan.wordpress.com 03 Aug '12, 10pm

is apparently a seafood restaurant initiated by a guy named….(you shall finish the sentence for me, alright?). Having relo...

NEW POST * : C-Jade HK Cafe IN @ Bugis+

NEW POST * : C-Jade HK Cafe IN @ Bugis+

misstamchiak.com 23 Aug '12, 12am

Cha Chan Tengs began in Hong Kong, where, thanks to busy work schedules, office workers gravitated to eateries with a larg...