27 Jun '15, 4am

Mediacorp’s 5 show trolled our 1994 football legends by making them listen to the 1993 “Dream Team” song

“Being a youth coach now, I see a lot of (players from) other races playing. And we have to change the parents’ mindset to let the parents know that there is something for their children to play football, maybe as a career. At that time in 94, we still have some players working and playing. So maybe we can have some players work and play also – if they are so worried about their rice bowls… They can work and if anything happen they can still fall back to their career. The mindset has to change. Locally in Singapore, our football has to improve first then raise the standard and pay. In the end every player in Singapore needs to have a good salary.”

Full article: http://mothership.sg/2015/06/mediacorps-5-show-trolled-ou...