29 May '15, 12pm

Poop. Magical, magical poop.

When the poop is fully rested, it makes its way to the last stop of its epic journey, the rectum. Pressure signals in the walls of the rectum alert you that it’s time to go. If you fail to drop the payload within a few minutes, the poop retreats to the colon to resume lounging. But while it waits, more water is removed, so if you continually fail to let the poop see the world, you may end up with a poop that’s difficult to pass.

Full article: http://www.beatricebiologist.com/2011/07/poop-magical-mag...


Poop-powered bus breaks world speed record

inhabitat.com 26 May '15, 2pm

The UK’s poop-powered bus has set a speed record for a regular service bus with a top speed of 76.8 miles per hour (123.5k...