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New blog post : Ah ... the joys of eating a sandwich

New blog post : Ah ... the joys of eating a sandwich

When you go to bars in Italy , you can be sure to find loads of tramezzini. Picture by Alice.tv Tramezzini are basically sandwiches made of white bread with the crusts removed, filled with any type of filling, and sliced into triangles. And these are popular as they are cheap and can be filling. But Cart and I have yet to eat one served in bars though. This is because tramezzini breads are known here to contain strutto or lard – an ingredient that we don’t consume because of our life choices. And since living here, we’ve been very attentive in reading ingredient labels for all our food stuff. Which boggles my mind as sandwich bread is something that I took for granted in Singapore – there were so many kinds to choose from. And since everyone eats this and that bread, I suppose my guard was down and I didn’t have to worry about the ingredients. Just pick one and go. Cute va...

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A joyous start: "Joys of Life" debut draws 971,000 viewers

A joyous start: "Joys of Life" debut draws 971,...

channelnewsasia.com 27 Jun '12, 8am

SINGAPORE: A whopping 971,000 viewers tuned in on Tuesday to catch the debut of Channel 8's latest Mandarin drama "Joys of...