16 Apr '11, 12am

BlackBerry PlayBook: Highlights #BlackBerry_PlayBook

BlackBerry PlayBook: Highlights #BlackBerry_PlayBook

If you are a developer, you need not worry about learning a new set of platform – the BlackBerry PlayBook readily accepts apps created with POSIX OS, SMP, Open GL, BlackBerry 6, WebKit, Adibe Flash, Java and Adobe Mobile AIR. In late 2010, RIM also released an update to the Beta version of the BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK for Adobe AIR. The update now supports Flash Builder 4.5 (Burrito/Flex Mobile) with plug-ins that work with either Flash Builder 4.0 or the pre-release version of Flash Builder Burrito. Support for Flash Builder Burrito adds drag and drop capabilities, making it even easier and faster for developers to build applications for the BlackBerry PlayBook. The latest Beta of the SDK also supports Windows in 64-bit and includes a simulator for Linux.

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Tech65 Take a 1st Look at BlackBerry PlayBook #BlackBerry_PlayBook

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Are you curious to see what they are doing? The Tech65 crew and Dennis Seow from SuperAdrianMe combined forces to produce ...