14 Apr '11, 10am

881: The Musical

881: The Musical

movie adventure in 2007 revived getai culture and introduced the likes of Liu Lingling to a younger set of audience. And we had the best selling original movie soundtrack of all time- a shrewd marketing move ahead of Wu Jiahui’s debut album. Most importantly, Royston Tan proved that there was more than one commercially viable film director in Singapore.

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www.googlyfish.sg "881 The Musical" proves adaptations can be brilliant too

www.googlyfish.sg "881 The Musical" proves adap...

channelnewsasia.com 19 Apr '11, 12pm

This resulted in an expanded story that really draws the audience into the plot and lets them understand why the character...

Giving away 5 Pairs of tickets to LANXESS SNYO CLASSIC 2011 - A Musical Chemistry concert

Giving away 5 Pairs of tickets to LANXESS SNYO ...

mhisham.org 09 Apr '11, 11am

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) programme, they have committed to a three-year LANXESS SNYO CLASSIC pr...

881 - The Musical Gala Premiere: #881musical

881 - The Musical Gala Premiere: #881musical

alvinology.com 23 Apr '11, 3pm

In the Chinese Seventh Lunar month, we commune with visiting ancestors in song and dance. Big Papaya and Little Papaya are...