27 Feb '15, 5am


Recently I have taken a keen interest in NYSE. I realised how very different it is from SGX. I’ll just list down a few points before I really move in on it! NYSE More opportunities due to more listings there Higher potential capital gains Faster markets Trading strategies seem to work better there Paper trades have all been profitable Commission rates of only $10 A stark difference is the market opening hours but personally I’m not too concerned about it. With the implementation of stops, I can easily enter or exit a trade without having to be awake! Without being taxed on capital gains, I think it’s a good move to go into NYSE. Perhaps I’ll keep my dividend incomes to SGX market since it’s not taxed here. To go into NYSE, currently it would cost me $20 if I stick to my broker. If I opened a trading account …

Full article: http://thefinance.sg/2015/02/27/nyse-vs-sgx/


Louis Vuitton vs Lidl

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