04 Apr '11, 10am

Build Ecosystems not Products

Apple has recognized what many in the tech industry are still learning: that users are truly at the center of their business. It relies upon millions of hobbyists, developers, and hackers to transform its products from good to great by selling cool and useful apps in the App Store. [snip] This is a big shift from traditional product design strategy. It used to be that the best products—and indeed the best design—were borne of careful research, extensive user testing, and an elite team of skilled designers who knew more than anyone else. That’s still somewhat the case…But given the breakneck pace of technological innovation, even the best in-house talent can’t outpace the collective talent of the Internet. A recent article by Instapaper developer Marco Arment pointed out how Apple itself doesn’t always seem to know what its products will become. Instead, it creates compelli...

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