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New on ::WOOHOO:: 精心策劃的愚人節佈局宣告失敗。孫小姐:這次算你幸運。 :P

New on ::WOOHOO:: 精心策劃的愚人節佈局宣告失敗。孫小姐:這次算你幸運。 :P

#2 – The joke would be on Yanzi. The mall was supposed to turn off all the lights, simulating a power breakdown. I had even rehearsed this with the audience. “You guys are NOT supposed to laugh and give this away ok? Only say Happy April Fools’ Day upon my cue ok?” We gave up this idea eventually. The skies weren’t totally dark by then, and we realised that the lights would take ten minutes to come back on.

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Siau Ling March 31, 2011 00:12 Just want to say that you are really an inspiration. jiayou. cruzteng March 31, 2011 00:17 ...