02 Apr '11, 8am

[blog] Where is the Merlion?

[blog] Where is the Merlion?

Can you spot what is different in this picture? Where is the Merlion? And what is that red building in its place? It's... The Merlion Hotel! Yeah.. I was equally as surprised as you (if you are an overseas Singaporean/ tourist familiar with Singapore). Is this Merlion Hotel for real? A permanent fixture? Well.. yes and no. Yes, this is real, and happening right now. The hotel consists of just one suite, but it is a fully functional 5-star suite, operated by Fullerton Hotel. It is available for booking from April 4 to May 5. But, it is already fully booked . It is not a permanent fixture but is an art installation for Singapore Binennale (an annual art festival) 2011. This is designed by a Japanese artist, 西野達 Tatzu Nishi . From 10am to 6.15pm (last admission), it is opened to public viewing. I decided that I have to visit it while I am home for this spring vacation. In the...

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[blog] A new school year... how different is it from Singapore's?

[blog] A new school year... how different is it...

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Spring is here! Sakura is blooming... It is the start of of a new school year. :) Official day of work for teachers starts...