02 Apr '11, 12am

Sexist stereotypes. Is that fair, asks Tessa Wong #SGelections

“Aiyoh, so wannabe act-cute.” That was the first thought that flitted through my brain when I watched that now-infamous video of new PAP candidate Tin Pei Ling stamping her feet. I wasn’t the only one who thought this way, as evidenced by the big din being made about Ms Tin this week as netizens dissected that video, and other photos taken from her Facebook account. After making that initial snap judgment, I paused. Would it be fair to judge someone just because of the way she expresses her frustration? Or come to think of it, because of the fact that she likes to buy designer products? It got me thinking : how come we haven’t judged any of the PAP male candidates the way that we seem to have judged Ms Tin, or indeed, the other female candidates? In the local blogosphere, where cutting criticism of the government and the PAP abounds, the scorn heaped upon all the heads of ...

Full article: http://blogs.straitstimes.com/2011/4/1/sexist-stereotypes