30 Mar '12, 2am

Swensen’s Gourmet Burger Bonanza

Swensen’s Gourmet Burger Bonanza

The lineup consists of the Spicy Chicken Burger, the Lamb Burger with Mango Chutney, the All American Beef Burger with Pepper Sauce, the Turkey and Tomato Salsa Burger, the Crab Burger with Honey Mustard Sauce and last but not least, my personal favorite, the Prawn and Peach Salsa Burger. Lightly breaded with chunky fresh prawn in every bite, I would recommend the Prawn and Peach Salsa Burger for the seafood lover.

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Yeoh Wee Teck's excited about a 'meaty' beet burger

Yeoh Wee Teck's excited about a 'meaty' beet bu...

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@chainofmind :D

@chainofmind :D

swensens.com.sg 07 Apr '12, 7pm

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