30 Mar '12, 12am

Stephan H Wissel: Webservices in XPages - AXIS vs. CXF #xpages

The AXIS libraries are provided as a plug-in in the Domino server, so my first take was to declare a dependency in my plug-in to that plug-in. To successfully create a Extension Library I had to declare dependencies to com.ibm.commons and com.ibm.xsp.core to be able to extend com.ibm.commons.Extension . Unfortunately the plug-ins expose Java commons logging, so the classloader complaint and didn't load the AXIS classes Second attempt was to split the code into two plug-ins: one that depended on the AXIS plug-in and another one that depended on the former and com.ibm.commons and com.ibm.xsp.core . This didn't yield any better result 3rd test was to import the AXIS jars into a plug-in and only depend on com.ibm.commons and com.ibm.xsp.core but not the AXIS plug-in. Didn't work either Finally I tried to switch from AXIS to the newer and more flexible Apache CXF . CXF is able ...

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