19 Dec '11, 4pm

Specky bam

The most exciting thing I did this weekend is walk to an industrial estate and buy a new computer (I would say ‘we’, but I don’t think Neil was that blown away by it). It’s a somewhat dated Windows machine that I’m upping the RAM on (when I say I, I mean the shop) and then installing Ubuntu (it’s actually me doing that part). I thought this was going to be an expensive exercise, but a quick look around the flat has determined that it won’t be. We have a small flat-screen television with a VGA input and a mouse, so all I’ve needed to buy are the tower unit, keyboard, and cables. A new ‘puter was going on the ‘to buy in 2012 when I can face it’ list, but now I feel I’ve got me a bargain. (I took a ‘geek test’ on Facebook but I scored poorly. I decided I’m not really a geek, just a nerd.) No Comments » No comments yet. RSS feed for comments on this post. Leave a comment Name ...

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