19 Dec '11, 4pm

A long commute

This site began its life in 2001 on Blogger, moved to greymatter, then it became completely hand-coded until some time in 2004, when I started again on WordPress. It began with a table layout and went for full CSS positioning within a year or so. The layout and design are created in a text editor and the GIMP. Recent photos could have been shot using any one of four cameras — Olympus Trip 35, Canon EOS 500, Lumix DMC-FZ28 or the built-in digital camera on my Nokia E72. Unless otherwise quoted or noted, all content was created by me. So please don’t steal.

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how long to stay in UK?

aardvarktravel.net 01 Jan '12, 7pm

Britain's great site it is difficult to put a timetable on how long you should stay. You could spend a few weeks in London...



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The Five Marketing Lessons That Took Me a Long Time to Learn

The Five Marketing Lessons That Took Me a Long ...

seomoz.org 20 Dec '11, 6am

Simple – A successful product will take the guesswork out of how it satisfies a customer’s problems. Febreeze , for exampl...



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