17 Dec '11, 3am

Epson releases new range of projectors

Epson releases new range of projectors

Designed for avid 3D and HD movie lovers, this is Epson’s new high-end 3D / HD projector which also offers the brightest 3D images in the world2 . This is made possible by its 480 hertz frame refresh rate that is twice as fast as other 3D projectors, and which minimises the “blackout time” between 3D image frames. The projector is also able to convert 2D movies to 3D using its advanced image processor and sports a host of advanced Epson image processing technologies like Super Resolution Technology and Frame Interpolation Technology. The EH-TW8000 is also equipped with lens shift and pixel alignment correction capabilities that allow users to shift the image so that the projector remains properly placed even in varying installation scenarios.

Full article: http://theneodimension.com/?p=941


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