16 Dec '11, 12am

Reply to IDA - [email protected]

I refer to your reply in the Straits times regarding Wireless @SG. My friend (a tech expert) helped me to install the app that allows auto-login to [email protected] It did not seem to work in many places, so I gave up. I suggest that IDA should remove the need for login (as I have suggested), rather than continue the existing difficult practice. Do listen to the views of the public. Here are the views of the people who responded to this posting in my blog and in Facebook.

Full article: http://tankinlian.blogspot.com/2011/12/reply-to-ida-wirel...

Reply to Tan Jee Say

tankinlian.blogspot.com 17 Dec '11, 1pm

I retired from NTUC Income on 28 February 2007, after heading this cooperative for 30 years. I now run a consultancy compa...

[email protected] and 3G

tankinlian.blogspot.com 04 Dec '11, 1am

The IDA wishes to encourage more people to use the free WiFi service called [email protected], so as to reduce the data load on ...