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Radio Resonance – 「回音」完美落幕 | :: WOOHOO

Radio Resonance – 「回音」完美落幕 | :: WOOHOO

I remember walking past one of the dressing rooms and overheard Ivy sharing an adult joke. I chided her immediately, “Oi! 人家碧玉姐姐是良家妇女!你不要在她面前说这些! ” I flipped when Biyu turned and explained that she loved it. And someone gasped when they saw me putting my hand into Mary’s blouse. Oh, come on. She merely wanted me to help remove her microphone! Hahaha. Xiaoying and Lilian brought appliances from home to ensure that everyone had their fill of hot beverages. There was even a coffee corner complete with sugar, milk and disposable cups. Right after I was conned into buying a wrong can of cola from the vending machine outside the theatre, the crew trekked to a convenience store three kilometers away to get me the real thing. That’s right. Only Coke for me. Not some dubious brand with the same white font on red.

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4 December 2011 Sunday | 23:50 | - This day is marked with a star on my calendar. It’s finally here (and almost over). The...

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Let me be the absolute very first to suggest Google. Seriously as Nigel points out there is no easy answer without knowing...