02 Dec '11, 9pm

Unbearable feeling?

As young retail investors or just having a few years into the stock market, you may already have investing goals and time frame in your mind to do well. To reach that investing goals within that time frame, you may also know that you will need to focus on the higher rate of growth o f money in your investing strategy. However, the reality of the market cycles has caused too much volatility in growing your money and has often triggered moments of unbearable feeling that chasing higher rate of growth is not comfortable or suitable for you. It is never easy to live with the volatility of growth in money. Even harder for someone to teach you to do that and you have to learn it yourself and in your own way if you don’t want to risk missing your investing goals within your own time frame. Read the full article → Related posts:Investing Made Simple by Uncle8888 (13) Goals for 201...

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Song feeling comfortable at LPGA Q-School

Song feeling comfortable at LPGA Q-School

golfweek.com 01 Dec '11, 11pm

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Autograph requests at LPGA Q-School generally are limited. But leader Christine Song answered two up...

Eating Great. Feeling Great.

Eating Great. Feeling Great.

karencheng.com.au 11 Dec '11, 3pm

I have been on a bit of a health kick recently. In addition to all my cycling, I’ve been trying to eat better in efforts t...

Hair feeling dry? Try one of these - a few of my fave conditioners: :D

Hair feeling dry? Try one of these - a few of m...

michellephan.com 07 Dec '11, 10pm

Yes, mayo is good for this old-fashioned trick (and apparently a bazillion other home remedies, too: www.associatedcontent...