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@buayzhitong LOL.

@buayzhitong LOL.

Wu Shih Harbour, where you will enjoy a cruise ride to view the scenic Turtle Island and fun-loving dolphins leaping in and out of the sea. Thereafter, visit Pixiu Lucky Charm Centre. At dusk, take a leisure stroll along Fisherman’s Wharf, the filming site of the popular TV drama serial, “Meteor Garden” and be enthralled by Tamsui’s sunset, one of the 8 great views of Taiwan. Dinner at Badasan Aboriginal Restaurant. The restaurant is decorated with crafts from various aboriginal tribes and live singing by the aborigines every evening. Thereafter, head to Tamsui renowned for its “iron eggs” and historic Tamsui Old Street. 前往乌石港乘船环游龟山岛赏鲸豚。这里不但能欣赏到鲸豚在海中跳耀的壮观奇景,更能边欣赏整座龟山岛的美丽佳景。参观貔貅辟邪展示馆。在黄昏时分,漫步于渔人码头,也是知名偶像剧《流星花园》的外景拍摄景点。到原住民同心协力一手打造的芭達桑原住民餐厅享用晚餐。每晚有原住民现场演唱,充满原住民的缤纷色彩。之后,到淡水参观以“阿婆铁蛋”和历史古迹闻名的淡水老街。

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