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Review: Lancôme GÉNIFIQUE Youth Activator & VISIONNAIRE Advanced Skin Corrector

Review: Lancôme GÉNIFIQUE Youth Activator & VISIONNAIRE Advanced Skin Corrector

After first week of this combination (I use GÉNIFIQUE then VISIONNAIRE, in case you are wondering), I noticed that my skin is noticeably softer, and more supple - youthful, even? As I do my daily makeup, I noticed that my skin also looks smoother, and pores do look minimized. I also didn't suffer any breakout while trying out this combination of serums. You might wonder, with these layers of serums and cream, do I wake up to oily skin? Do I experience any 'thick' cakey feeling after applying my foundation etc... the answer is no... in the first place I don't use a lot of each product, and I do allow some time for the skincare products to sink in my skin before I apply makeup.

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