26 Nov '11, 11am

Here's a post about Naomi meeting Let's Rock Elmo, with one up for grabs!

But since Nae is nowhere near 18 months old, she interacted with him a little differently. How? Well, she had her mouth all over the instruments and microphone for one. She was definitely captivated by all the moving and singing. Nae has been listening to Sesame Street since she made her entrance into the world – Sometimes she amazes me when I sing Rubber Ducky and Sing. Her face lights up so brightly and she tries to ‘hum’ along. They’re obviously songs she recognizes. So I kind of wondered if she recognized Elmo’s voice…. Yeah, I know. Highly doubtful.

Full article: http://ickleoriental.net/?p=3887


One More Climategate Post

One More Climategate Post

planetsave.com 25 Nov '11, 11pm

The real climategate involves active censorship within NASA by Bush appointees, which the agency’s Inspector General later...

When art meets anime

When art meets anime

channelnewsasia.com 25 Nov '11, 3am

SINGAPORE: They have names such as "TeruTeru" and "Collateral Damage Studios", producing music and meeting fans. But they'...

Congratulations to Clara! I can't wait for your little boy to get his hands on Elmo for Christmas!

Congratulations to Clara! I can't wait for your...

ickleoriental.net 07 Dec '11, 12am

I picked Clara because I was touched by the fact that her little boy always greets Let’s Rock Elmo at Toys ‘R Us, and I gu...