21 Nov '11, 1pm

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Hello and welcome to Jeans Beans! My name is Jeanette and somehow you've stumbled upon my Tumblr. :) Here, you'll find a blog filled with doodles of cute and simple things that make me smile. Feel free to click around and if you like what you see, please follow! About Me || FAQ || Contact Me Send me a message! Formspring || TumblrAsk A few more links: Please do not repost my drawings or remove the credit. Simply reblog, it's easier. If you'd like to use my drawings in any way,

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Anonymous asked: I've just got through a fight with my ex-best friend, and when I was crying I opened my Tumblr as it alwa...

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Levis gives u $100 worth of vouchers for your o...

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Hi, thanks for visiting. Here's a simple FAQ for the site: 1. We provide multiple content push options: a) Subscribe to em...