How the PAP carries out ethnic cleansing

Singapore's Constitution clearly mandates equality of religion, and races in the island. But Singapore strongman Lee Kuan Yew, just as he ignores any law as he pleases, blatantly ignores the Constitution, and deliberately and systematically diminishes the population of Malays, Indians and other races while continually increasing the Chinese population, his preferred race, within the island, he himself being of Chinese descent. This long standing policy of ethnic cleansing against the Malays and Indians has gone on for so long that they are now very small minorities within the island and if Lee Kuan Yew's determination to eliminate the Malays and Indians goes on unchecked, before long there won't be any minorities left in the island, and it would be entirely Chinese. In the 1930s and earlier, when my father first settled in Singapore from his native India, the Chinese in Si...

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