18 Nov '11, 11am

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Singapore is well known as a food paradise. Even The Simpsons mentioned about Singapore street food in their recent episode. OK, firstly, The Simpsons shouldn’t be taken seriously. There is no such thing as Hang He Kway Chup in Singapore. Not yet. But you can get Hang He (Stingray) or Kway Chup (pig organs) easily in Singapore. Come to think of it, triple spicy BBQ stingray stuffed with pig organs sounds like a good idea. It’s combining 2 of my favorite food together into one. Please let me know if anyone starts selling Hang He Kway Chup in Singapore. I’ll love to be the first to try it. Related posts: Hang in there…. McDonalds Singapore remove pig from the Chinese zodiac McDonalds Singapore is listening, Doraemon in pig costume coming in April Hanging the Singapore Flag My Favorite Things

Full article: http://blog.dk.sg/2011/11/17/hang-he-kway-chup-anyone/