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New on ::WOOHOO:: No firecrackers in SG? Don't fret!

No firecrackers in SG? Don’t fret! 10 February 2011 Thursday | 18:00 | - By Alfred’s dad. BRILLIANT! Tweet « 933歷年台慶 WhatsApp Group Chat Day 1 » Leave a Reply Cancel reply Name Email (will not be published) Website

Full article: http://www.cruzteng.com/2011/02/10/no-firecrackers-in-sg-...


New on ::WOOHOO:: 933歷年台慶

New on ::WOOHOO:: 933歷年台慶

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1990年1月1日早上9點33分,新加坡第一個專業中文音樂頻道誕生。那是933「啟播大典」現場。我不禁在空中大叫:“好誇張!男DJ都要穿西裝打領帶!我們現在金曲獎都未必會穿成這樣!” 嘉蕙補充,那或許是那個年代的要求。

Don’t forget the Coffee?

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We value your comments as they provide different perspectives that we can learn from and/or improve our products as we see...

Daily SG: 11 Feb 2011: Countdown to Elections -...

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Singapore Bursts With Energy, But Change Can Be Disturbing - Free Malaysia Today: Dr M slams iron-fist ‘Dirty’ Harry - Ast...

#Singapore: watch some great new short #films this evening at 8pm. #sg

#Singapore: watch some great new short #films t...

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CANDID SHOTS OF YOUTH AT PLAY / ATHALIA HO / 5 MIN / 2010 / PG Two boys bring a dead body to an open field. Its disposal d...

New on ::WOOHOO::

New on ::WOOHOO::

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Just before I went to bed last night, I found out on Facebook and Twitter that there was a rerun of Titanic on Channel 5. ...

New on ::WOOHOO:: WOOHOO! Weekend

New on ::WOOHOO:: WOOHOO! Weekend

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I didn’t have any engagements for the weekend, and I’m on leave from Monday to Wednesday. That’s FIVE days away from the m...

SG.Daily Daily SG: 14 Feb 2011: Countdown to El...

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- Diary of A Singaporean Mind: Mubarak Resigns.. - funny little world: Learning from Egypt. - Gerald Giam: Egypt’s Mubarak...

Wat bloggers r talkg abt.: Daily SG: 16 Feb 2011

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Tesla abandon Singapore, no thanks to the Government - Yahoo Eurosport: Singapore want ‘rock star’ sailor - Korean Times: ...

Wat bloggers r talkg abt.: Daily SG: 18 Feb 2011

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Singapore landed homes to remain hot buys, unaffected by anti-speculation measures - The Chosun Ilbo: N.Korean Princeling ...

New on ::WOOHOO:: 年初五 有點苦

New on ::WOOHOO:: 年初五 有點苦

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《本草綱目》記載,燕窩“入肺主氣,入腎滋水,入胃補脾,補而不燥”,“大養肺陰,化痰止咳 ,補而能清,為調理虛癆之聖藥”。