28 Sep '11, 2am

omy.sg Turns Four /via @wordpressdotcom #omy @omysg

@safeye 2 weeks???? That must have been hell!Alvinologist35 minutes ago omy.sg Turns Four http://t.co/Vz542bH5 /via @wordpressdotcom #omy @omysg Alvinologist36 minutes ago If I eat, I will lao sai more. If I don't eat, I will feel nauseous and weak. What should I do? Damn stomach flu.... #fb Alvinologist58 minutes ago omy庆生MV“独家首播” 4周年放“肆”一下 omy's 4th anniversary video. So cute! Just saw this when I got back office today. :) http://t.co/oSGxjs2v @omysg Alvinologist16 hours ago Boarded a cab that smells like shit. Making me all nauseous and sick again. Hygiene people!Alvinologist20 hours ago

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