20 Sep '11, 2pm

Charitable contribution

It's time of the year again the company telling us employees to be more giving. This year there are prize drawings for employees who have participated by a certain date and will also receive trophies for early pledge...something along those lines. I seriously had to sleep on this employee giving thingy. Yes, it's good to contribute out of my paycheck to those less fortunate or assist whatever contribution I can for medical research or saving some animals. I myself need to save myself from drowning. However, if I don't chip in, it will affect my tax returns.

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Cheeky contribution by Andy who shares alluring album art in his post

Cheeky contribution by Andy who shares alluring...

yesterday.sg 19 Sep '11, 3am

If your parents were anything like mine, you might have heard them mentioned at one time or another that ‘girls these days...