16 Sep '11, 10am

Howre you

I knew it. Either J would contact me, or he would ignore me and we forever slip into oblivion. I could put a million dollars that if he did, it would be "howre you". You see, although I've known him for over 2 months only, somehow he always says that. I don't know the reason he has contacted me. Does he want to be friends or does he want to meet up and talk? It's funny, because I don't know if he was concerned, or if anything at all. But you see, I'm going to leave it as it is. No one is allowed to waltz in and out of my life as they please. It just doesn't work that way - you don't just simply enter and assume to pick up where you left off. It's not me. It's not that I'm strong. I still have feelings for this guy -- it's just because I know I am weak, that I have no choice but to not let any of these things bother me. And I press "delete chat", just as I step home. Nursin...

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