16 Sep '11, 10am

Romancing the Olympus XA

It’s like falling in love, I tell you. The moment I set my eyes on the Olympus XA I just knew that I had to make it mine. So last Wednesday, on a whim—and not a very good time to do so, considering I’m travelling in a week’s time —I sent in my order form for one. Therefore today, officially marks my happy union with the XA. I’m going to take it for a spin this weekend and if it produces just as good photos as my SLRs, then I might make it my go-to camera. I am, however, getting a La Sardina on Monday, which could very well be another favorite, although that’ll have to be another story for another time. Meet the new babe Tweet

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#singapore Olympus Pen E-P3: The best pen you c...

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