14 Sep '11, 4am

Ponzi demography

Hmm, a Ponzi scheme is not sustainable but our population of 5 million now perhaps is a little too high and too rapid. The PAP has admitted their mistake in allowing too many foreigners. But it will be a mistake to see a declining population and suffer the consequences. A declining population is difficult to reverse. Just look at our birth rates. We are expanding because our economy is doing well and can support at the moment. So I suggest PAP use our resources wisely and encourage more Singporeans to have children so that we don't have to import so many foreigners. To me 20000 per year is already a lot. Increase the parental relief, increase the child tax relief, give more for Baby bonus, give more child care subsidies. Consider part time maternit leave after 4 mths of official maternity leave. Increase the paternity leave. Every chance to incentivise Singaporeans to have...

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