SNA - GIC hires Khullar from JP Morgan as fund manager

Wikileaks: MOE does not encourage more Singaporean students to get a tertiary education Singapore boasts a highly competitive and well-regarded primary and secondary education system, but the number of Singaporea... Wikileaks: 2nd and 3rd tier candidates recruited for Marine Parade GRC team - PAP MP Chong Despite the media hype and the fact that they still outshine the opposition, the new PAP MP candidates are a mixed lot. A ... “I could not complete the requisite number of chin-ups, which made my life as a recruit and cadet quite miserable” — Chen Show Mao Red Sports, 6 Sep 2011 Chen Show Mao: In school, I played football (badly) and swam (won medals in breaststroke, which came easiest to me)... SingTel suffers 3G network outage and disruption for two days ZDNet Asia, 7 Sep 2011 Mobile operator SingTel's 3G mobile network has suffered a disrupt...

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