06 Sep '11, 8am

By @skinnylatte | Popagandhi - Is This Defunct?

My father was having a conversation with one of the students at the university where he works. Apparently one of them was a frequent visitor to this site. He told my dad as much and said I don’t write anymore, that this site is pretty much defunct. When your father brings you these news, I suppose it’s true. I think my relationship with blogging ended when Twitter began. It was around the time when I still imagined I would write full-time, and went off on my big adventure to see if that would work. Twitter became a faster, snappier way of transmitting those thoughts on the field. I got published in a few places. I did okay, with this writing thing; writing full-time then meant the blog became a receptacle for the miscellaneous writing. I’m one of those people who can multi-task, but I cannot write the same way here, the way I once did . These days, business takes up the bu...

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